What Is AdSense Auto Ad, How To Put It On The Website

What Is Google AdSense Auto Ads Platform And How To Use It New Features Of Google AdSense And Increase Your Website Revenue Full Information. If you have fully approved Google AdSense  Account, then you can use this new feature. This new feature launches on 21st Feb 2018.
In this post i have give information about in this new Google Adsense Auto Ads features.
How to use this features on your blog/website to increase your earning.  
In this, all the Google AdSense Ads are automatically formatted in different type. All types of ads will be automatically displayed on a creating an Ad Unit .

Increase Earning/Revenue

This types of ads will appear in this auto adEx - Matched Content Ads, Anchor Ads, Vignette Ads, Text & Display Ads, In-Feed Ads, In-Article Ads, Anchor Ads.
If you have to advertise these different types of ads, you would have had to create many ad units in the past.
If you use this feature, you only need to create an Ad Unit.

What Is The Advantages Of Google AdSense Auto Ads..?

1. Increase Your AdSense Revenue / Earning.
2. You Don't Need To Create An Ads Unit Again And Again.
3. You Will Get Ads According To Your Content.
4. You Just Need To Make Good Content.
5.  Write A SEO Friendly Post.

Add your Auto Ads Code to your website. To analyze website according to content. These Setting Will get you more clicks on your ads. 

How To Put On Google AdSense Auto Ads Code In Your Website 

1. Log In Into Your Adsense Account.
2. Click On My Ads Option Into AdSense Dashboard. 
3. And Choose Ads Format You Want To Show It.
4. Select And Copy Ads Code.
5. Open Your Website And Paste It Into HTML Of  Between <head> and </head>  tags.

Then complete your procedure, if you need more information then you can Follow us. If you have any problem, please comment on the comment box.

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