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Blog User Setting

Before reading this part, read the rest three parts. Only then will you understand the information given in this part. I have given information about the other 5 setting of the other parts. In this part, i will give the information you about the 2 other following settings.

1. Other Setting :- In this setting you can get a backup of your post, comment and pages, And import your data. You can delete your blog using in this setting. Then add google Analytics ID. And many more changes you can.

2. User Setting :- In this setting you can set your Blogger Profile And change language.

Follow the steps given below and set up your blog. If you have not read the blogging part before, read it first.

Follow The Below Steps :-

Step - 1
  1. Log In Into Your Blog Account.
  2. Then Click On Setting Option. Show In Sidebar.
Step - 2

Other Setting

Import And Back Up 

  1. You Can Import Your Content Like A Pages, Post & Comment . Then you can export this content another site.
  2. Get backup of your content using back - up option.

Delete Blog

  1. If you want to delete your blog then you can use this option.
delete blog option

Site Feed & Open ID

  1. You have to keep this 2 option default

Adult Content And Google Analytics ID

  1. If you upload adult content to the website then you have to do Yes at this.
  2. If you have an Google Analytics ID then you can add it here.
google analytics

Step - 3

User Setting


1. In This You Can Set Blogger Profile. ( Blooger + Google+ ).
2. Use Blogger Draft Set Yes Or No


1.You Can Set Here Your Content Language.

blog language setting

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Friends, I hope that all of you have understood. If you have any problem please comment in below comment box. This is the last part of the blog SEO setting. And here the parts of setting ends.

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