How To Make Free Website With Blogger - Email, Language & Search Preference SEO Setting | Part - 3

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Friends, if you have not read the blogging part before, read it first. A lot of basic information has been given about blogging in that part. You can read those parts to the related post option mentioned above. I hope you have read have these parts.
So i am start this part here. This part of blogging you have give information about SEO setting. There are 7 types setting in the blog.
  1. Basic.
  2. Post,Comment And Sharing.
  3. Email.
  4. Language And Formatting.
  5. Search Preference.
  6. Other.
  7. User Setting.
But in this part, I'am just telling about the 3, 4 And 5 Setting. Email, Language And Formatting And Search Preference. If you want  information Basic Setting And Post, Comment And Sharing, then you have to read Part - 3 A. Then the next remaining part will be given information the option left.

Follow The Below Steps :-

Step - 1

  1. Log In Into Your Blog Account. 
  2. Then Click On Setting Option. Show In Sidebar.


Email Setting

Posting Using Email 

  1. After Posting To The Blog Post To Show Your Email, You Can Use It Publish Email Immediately Option. 
  2. After  Save Draft  To The Blog Post To Show Your Email, You Can Use It Save Email As Draft Post Option.
  3. You Can Don't Show Your Email In The Published Blog Post You Can Use This Option Disabled.

Comment Notification Email

  1. If There Are Comment On You Post, Then It's Notification Should Be Send To The Email And Set The Email Here.

Email Posts To

  1. You Can Add Email Here, To Show In The Post. But Don't Use This Option.

Technology And Fun

Step - 3

Language And Formatting Setting


  1. You Can Set Your Language.
  2. You Can Enable / Disable Transliteration.


  1. Add Times On Your Related Country.
  2. You Can Set Date Format Like You Better.
  3. Add Timestamp Format.
  4. Add Comment Timestamp Format. Add The Time To Show Your Comment.   

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Step - 4

Search Preferences Setting

Meta Tags

  1. You Can Write Description About Your Website Into Maximum 150 Character.  And whoever related search of your website's description, then your website more searchable.

Error And Redirections

  1. You Can Add Custom Page Not Found Description Into 10K Words.  
  2. Custom Redirects Add Here New URL To Redirect. 

Crawlers And Indexing

  1. Add Your Website Into Google Search Console Click Edit Option.
  2. Enable Custom Robot .txt 
  3. Enable Robots Header Tags And Check Mark On  all & no dp Options. 


  1. Disabled Custom ads.txt option.

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Friends, I hope that all of you have understood. If you have any problem please comment in below comment box. In the next part, you can get more information about more setting.

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